Non-Denominational Wedding Officiants

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many wedding officiants have canceled their contracts leaving brides and grooms in a panic.

Has your minister canceled on you? Don’t fret! Give me a call!

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State-licensed Officiants

All our officiants are licensed by the state of Ohio.

Our Officiants

The following officiants perform religious, secular, and civil ceremonies in Central Ohio and Columbus.

Youngstown Wedding Ministers: Ordained wedding ministers.

Weddings by Jester: Licensed, non-denominational ministers Perform wedding services.

Wedding Vows and Promises: Minister  Available in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.

Wed Now Cincinnati: Provide vow renewal and wedding services in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Rev. Ralph Heimburger, Th.D: Provide interfaith legislative services in NE, Ohio.

Happily Ever After: Provide wedding services They can be booked by appointment or called for same-day services.

Get Married Ohio: Licensed and ordained mobile minister  Specialize in interfaith, secular, and commitment ceremonies.

Cincy Wedding Ministers: State-licensed ministers Perform wedding services in Northern Kentucky, Greater Cincinnati, and Southeastern Indiana.

Bill Proud: Wedding Minister and Former Catholic priest He provides Christian, Catholic, and non-denominational services in the greater Cincinnati area.

A Ceremony to Remember: Led by Minister Layne Russell Performs non-denominational ceremonies in Redding, Shasta County, and nearby areas.

A Couple’s Choice: Led by Rev. John Spinola. Provides wedding services in Lake Tahoe. His wife offers wedding photography services.

A Forever After Wedding: Rev. Patricia Borsum. Interfaith minister Performs weddings and other services in San Diego

A Ceremony of the Heart: Led by Mary Jean Valente Provides wedding services at non denominational wedding ceremonies in Los Angeles.

A By-the-Sea Wedding: Led by Rev. Patt O’Brien and associates. Offer licenses and perform wedding services at the Monterey Stone Chapel and outdoor locations.

A Ceremony of Love: Led by minister Nancy Turner Provides services at wedding ceremonies and vow renewals in Northern California.

As You Like It Weddings: Ordained ministers Perform wedding services in Northern California.

Beautiful Weddings: Led by Rev. Gerrie Applegate Officiates weddings in Central California Valley.

Bill Wood: Non-denominational minister Provides wedding services in Southern California.

Blessings To You: Led by Diana Morgan  Performs services at non-denominational and same-sex weddings, vow renewals, and baby blessings in the greater Bay area. Also offers pre-marriage workshops.

A Wedding With Spirit: Rabbi Barry Tuchman Officiates weddings in Orange County and Los Angeles.

A Wedding of Your Choice: Rev. Gary Silvett Officiates wedding ceremonies in San Diego.

A Memorable Wedding: Reverend Rhoda Casto Provides services at religious and civil weddings in the Greater Palm Springs area.

Carol Fitzgerald: Wedding minister and spiritual counselor Provides services in San Francisco

Celebration Ceremonies: Led by Rev. Jeri Murphy Performs wedding services in Sacramento.

Celebrations of Love: State-licensed officiants Perform wedding services in Cleveland and Northeastern Ohio

Buddhist Wedding: Led by Evan Kavanagh Provides Buddhist Dharma talks and services for wedding ceremonies.

Brilliant Ceremonies: Dr. Judith Caldwell  Performs services at weddings and other ceremonies in Napa Valley and nearby areas.

Divine Ceremonies: Wedding officiant and minister Provides services in Southern California and Los Angeles

Divine Celebrations: Led by Rev. Amber French. Holistic health consultant and minister.
Provides services at weddings and spiritual ceremonies.

Delightfully Different Ceremonies: Led by Hon. Sande Lynne. Performs at non-denominational ceremonies and affirmation ceremonies.

Deborah Davis: Professional singer and humanist minister Performs services (including music) at weddings and other ceremonies in San Diego.

Ceremonies Your Way: Led by Rev. Ema Drouillard Provides wedding services for traditional and non-traditional ceremonies in Northern California.

Ceremonies with Dignity: Led by Rev. Hank Visscher Performs wedding ceremonies and offers pre-marital counseling in the San Francisco Bay area.

Ceremonies by Bethel: Licensed minister Performs wedding services for spiritual, religious, interfaith, and non-religious ceremonies.

Ceremonies and Celebrations: Led by Irene Kane Provides services for non-denominational weddings, as well as other ceremonies in the Bay Area and northern California. Also offers photography services.

Golden Gate Weddings: Led by Rev. Don Narin Provides services at ceremonies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Getting Married in Humboldt County: – Led by Rev. Pamela Owens Provides wedding ceremonies in Humboldt County.

First Choice Weddings: Led by Rev. Charles W. Laird Performs at non-denominational ceremonies in Venture, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara counties.

Expanding Vision: Led by Dr. Donna Lindsey Provides wedding services in San Diego.

Ever After Weddings: Ordained, non-denominational minister  Offers wedding services at locations in San Diego.

Elegant Weddings: Led by Rev. Kimber Lee Wilkes. Ordained, non-denominational minister Provides personalized wedding ceremonies in Ventura, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara counties.

MarriageToGo.Com: Mobile marriage licensor and officiant  Provides mobile marriage licenses and officiates weddings in Los Angeles County. Known for short-notice weddings.

Marriages By Veronica: Officiant Provides services for wedding ceremonies, commitment ceremonies, and vow renewals in the Bay Area.

Marriage Minister: Ministers Provide wedding services and offer ceremony advice in Sacramento.

Kimberly Thompson: Officiant  Provides wedding services for all kinds of ceremonies. Offers braille translations and multi-lingual services.

Jewish Interfaith Wedding Network: Led by Rabbi Gershon Provides services at all types of weddings and other ceremonies.

I Do Vows: Led by Rev. Holly Skinner Officiates weddings, offers wedding advice and relevant information in San Diego.

I Do Vows: Led by Gail Heimbach and David Provide various wedding packages and minister services in Santa Barbara. Offers confidential licenses.

Miriam Lindbeck: Non-denominational minister Offers wedding services for all kinds of weddings, including untraditional, and spiritual ceremonies in Santa Barbara area.

Minister Maggie: Led by Rev. Maggie Beretz. Wedding officiant. Performs wedding services in weddings, baby blessings, and commitment ceremonies, in San Francisco Bay area.

Michael Djavahery: Non-denominational minister Offers wedding services in Los Angeles and nearby counties.

Memorable Weddings: Led by Rev. Tyrone Spears Provides services at civil, interfaith, non-denominational, and non-traditional weddings in Los Angeles.

MarryU: Led by Rev. Marcia J. Hootman. Bilingual, ordained, Religious Science minister.
Offers services at weddings and other ceremonies in San Diego County.

Rev. Delores Crozier: Minister Provides wedding services and spiritual workshops in Sacramento.

Rev. Bryan Hargis: Officiant Spiritual weddings in Napa Counties, and Sonoma.

Rev. Bruce Danzara: Non-denominational minister Provides services at types of weddings in Orange County.

Pastor Mike Mitschke: Police department chaplain officiant Performs weddings and marriage licenses in San Diego.

Pastor Jon Olson: Wedding officiant and licensed pastor. Designed and performs wedding services in the San Francisco Bay Area. Includes non-denominational, civil, and religious services.

Pastor Flint Christensen: Minister of Eastgate Christian Church in Benicia Provides services for religious wedding ceremonies in the Bay Area.

Officiant Eric: Non-denominational officiant Provides services in weddings at Agoura Hills, California.

Modesto Wedding Minister: Non-denominational wedding officiant.

Rev. Richleigh Hale Powers, Ph.D.: Non-denominational, Christian minister and author
Performs wedding services for all kinds of ceremonies in San Diego. Provides marriage licenses and pre-marital counseling.

Rev. Michael J. Ahern: Officiant. Includes testimonials and services details.

Rev. Michael Cartwright: Minister Provides services in non-denominational weddings in North County San Diego and the Temecula Valley wine country.

Rev. Marcy Ann Cheek: Minister and associates Provides interfaith and non-denominational ceremonies in Orange County, Laguna Hills, and Los Angeles.

Rev. Lois Huncovsky: Wedding officiant Provides services for non-denominational weddings and ceremonies in San Diego.

San Diego Vows: Officiant Performs at non-denominational, small, beach weddings in San Diego.

Sacred Circles: Led by Eileen Walsh. Officiant and planner Provides services for all kinds of ceremonies in San Francisco.

Sacred Affairs: Officiant and wedding planner Provides services in various areas of California.

Reverend Tony: Officiant and ordained minister Provides services in Southern California.

Reverend Dodson: Officiant Performs services in Santa Rosa, Napa Valley and Sonoma.

Rev. Stacie O’Dowd: Notary public and wedding celebrant Performs at all types of weddings in Los Angeles.

Rev. Ronald David Beams: Certified counselor and minister Provides wedding services in Pasadena and parts of Los Angeles.

Simple Tahoe Weddings: Led by Rev. R. Steven Klith and Rev. Sharon June Rusk Provide wedding services in Lake Tahoe area.

Secular Ceremonies: Led by Roseanne Allen. Licensed secular celebrant. Provides services for spiritual, religion-free, unconventional weddings in northern California.

Santa Barbara Weddings: Led by Rev. Penny Goggans.Provides local ceremonies, offers confidential marriage licenses and performs other wedding-related services.

Santa Barbara Weddings Site: Led Alma Rose Middleton. Notary public Provides wedding services for all couples. Offers confidential license.

Santa Barbara Wedding Ministers: Non-denominational ministers Provide information on Laurence Brockway and Gloria Arenson. Available in Santa Barbara and nearby areas.

San Francisco Weddings by the Bay: Led by Rev. Paula Hollander Provides services at civil and non-denominational marriage and commitment ceremonies. Also offers officiant referrals for straight and gay couples in the Bay area.

The Marrying Guy: Led by H. Frank Woods Provides services for non-secular and secular ceremonies in the Southern California area.

The Clergy Network: Referral service Provides information consisting of multi-media presentations, ceremony tips, and accessories for wedding in Southern California.

Stuart Yahm: ULC Officiant ULC Provides wedding ceremonies in Los Angeles and parts of southern California.

Specialized Wedding Services: Led by Stan Jacobson and Revs. Virginia Surrell Provide services for non-denominational in Palm Springs and nearby areas.

So Cal Officiant: Entertainer and officiant, Alan Katz Provides services for traditional and non-traditional weddings in southern California.

Weddings By The Sea: Led by Rev. Terry G.  Provide services for personalized weddings in the greater San Francisco county areas and Half Moon Bay. Offers license information.

Wedding Priest No Hassle: Priest Provides services Catholic Weddings in Los Angeles.

Wedding Ministries: Referral services and ministers Provide wedding and referral services in the Bay Area and Napa Valley. All ministers have Masters of Divinity degrees.

Wedding Concierge Services: Group of ministers Provide wedding services for all kinds of weddings in Palm Springs, Inland Empire areas, and Idyllwild. Bilingual services available.

Wed On Catalina: Led by Rev. Mark H. Alf Provides wedding services and confidential licenses on Catalina Island.

We Marry You: Led by Rev. John E. Southwick Provides non-denominational, Jewish, and Christian ceremonies in Simi Valley.

Valley of the Moon Weddings: Non-denominational officiant Provides services in Sonoma County.

The Wedding Place: Led by Rev. Elizabeth Payne Provides services at all kinds of wedding ceremonies in the Oceanside chapel and across San Diego County.

The Officiant Guy: Led by Chris Robinson Provides wedding services across Orange County and Los Angeles.

Yosemite Weddings: Led by Autrey Nassar. Non-denominational minister Provides information on wedding vendors.

Wine Country Weddings: Led by Rev. Jacqueline. Non-denominational minister.
Provides wedding services for all kinds of ceremonies in northern California and San Francisco.

Weddings-Ceremonies-Officiants: Led by Rev. Paul D. Uhler. Non-denominational minister Provides wedding services in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties.

Weddings of Heart: Led by Rev. Dr. Lili Goodman Freitas Provides wedding design services and officiates interfaith and non-denominational weddings in northern California.

Weddings in Temecula: Led by Rev. Gary Agner Provides services for spiritual and non-sectarian ceremonies in Idyllwild, Murrieta, and most of Southern California.

Weddings by Beverly: Wedding services Provides services for traditional and non-traditional casual ceremonies in Santa Ynez Valley, the Santa Barbara South Coast, and Ventura.

Your Ideal Wedding: Led by Rev. Jim Granger, M.Div Provides wedding services in San Bernardino and Riverside. Bilingual services available.

Your Ceremony Matters: Led by Rev. Peadar Dalton. Ordained Catholic priest Provides wedding services, information, and spiritual guidance.

Your Celebrations: Led by Alexandra True. Interfaith spiritual minister Provides various rites of passage in the Bay Area and northern California for straight and gay couples.

iDo4everCalifornia: Non-denominational ordained minister Provides wedding services at all kinds of wedding ceremonies in Southern California