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 I Want to Shoot Wedding Videos

By: J&J Video Productions-Wedding Video Specialists

Cleveland, Ohio

So you’re one of the millions of people out of work and unable to find a job. You’ve sent out hundreds of resumes and received no response. What do you do now? It comes to mind that last week you were a guest at a wedding and you saw someone videotaping the event, and bingo! You now know what you can do. You’re going to be a wedding videographer. It looks easy enough, just get a video camera and run around filming everything. You can probably make hundreds of dollars for one day’s work.

Let’s stop right there. It takes a lot more than just grabbing a video camera and shooting everyone to make a wedding video. There are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration before you can expect to shoot a wedding video, or any video. One of the first things you need to decide on is what kind of a video camera you want to use. Even though video cameras look alike, they can be as different as night and day. Some cameras are well suited for work in low light situations, and others are not. Another big difference is, some cameras use videotape, and others use memory cards.

It is also important to know the horizontal and vertical resolutions. This can make the difference between a crystal clear, network type, broadcast quality video and a blurred out, fuzzy, low resolution video. We’re just talking about the actual camera here. We haven’t even considered the other aspects of producing a professionally done wedding video.

The cost of video cameras can range from $100.00 to well into 5 figures.

Once you have actually shot a wedding video, you will inevitably find many different kinds of problems, such as someone standing right in front of your camera, people bumping into your camera, kids showing their latest acrobatic stunts learned on the playground last week and drunk people embarrassing themselves. How are you going to fix all these problems? The bride and groom will not appreciate these images in their wedding video. It’s up to you to fix them. This requires editing.

If you want to talk about opening a can of worms, editing systems are a good place to start. Are you aware that each camera may require a different editing system because of the way it recorded? There are many cameras that use the same editors, but there are just as many that don’t. With the advent of high definition coming into play, this adds a whole new dimension to editing video. Are you purchasing an editing system that will be obsolete in 2 years? Or, are you purchasing one that requires multiple pieces of additional equipment to make it work? Will you have to purchase a computer with a hard drive and video card the size of Cleveland? Does your editor have a title generator and special effects.

The next thing you have to deal with is deciding what format the final product going to be.  Is it going to be tape, a DVD, a standard DVD, a high definition DVD, or a Blu ray DVD? More importantly, is your editor equipped to burn the DVDs or run the tape? Do you have any idea how much an editor is going to cost? I have seen editing systems that can range from $5000.00 to almost a million dollars.

So now, do you still want to be a wedding videographer? And one more thing. We haven’t even talked about the accessories,  audio systems, lights, tripods, cords, microphones, and sound mixers. Had enough? Let the professionals do the wedding videos, since they have been trained, and schooled. Save yourself the headaches and the lawsuits from unhappy brides.

Today’s brides and grooms are sophisticated consumers. Years ago, they really didn’t understand what the difference was between a good video and a professional video. Today they are tech savvy and will definitely know whether or not they  have an amateurs video or a professionally produced video.

Corbin Video Productions is an independent Video Production Company located in Pittsburgh Pa. Corbin Video Productions specializes in Wedding Videos and covers Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and Allegheny County Pennsylvania as well as the Pittsburgh Metropolitan area. For further information please visit our website at http://corbinvideoproductions.com


  By: J&J Video Productions-Wedding Video Specialists Cleveland, Ohio

Sure, why not? You know that bigger is better and more expensive must be the best, but is that really true? If you’re shooting wedding or event videos, or even corporate videos, why would you waste thousands of dollars on an overpriced camera when a moderately priced camera will do the same job just as well, if not better?

Over the years, my experience in shooting wedding videos has taught me many things, but I think the most important lesson I learned is this; Let’s say you and I went out to buy video cameras. You find a camera that costs $15,000.00 and I find a camera that sells for $2000.00. The $15,000.00 camera has a lot more gadgets than mine. It looks very high tech compared to mine. However if you read the specifications on the cameras, you will find that the most crucial elements needed for video production are pretty much the same.

Let’s assume that the expensive camera will be operated by someone who has been in the field shooting wedding videos for 3 months. I will take my $2000.00 camera to another wedding. The difference is that I have more than 25 years of experience shooting wedding videos. In the end, which video do you think will turn out better?
Most uninformed people would think the $15,000.00 camera would far out perform the $2000.00 camera. The truth is, the end result is far different.

The wedding video produced by the $2000.00 camera is far superior to the video produced by the $15,000.00 camera. So, what does this tell you about purchasing cameras? It isn’t how much you paid for the camera. I think we all knew that the wedding video produced by the less expensive camera was going to be be superior to the video produced by the expensive camera.

The reason this happened is because the operator, the videographer shooting the wedding on the less expensive camera, has 25+ years of experience shooting wedding videos, or for that matter any type of video. The person with the experience knows exactly what to shoot during a wedding, as well as where to place the camera for the best effect and he knows when to use the zoom lens and how to keep the picture in focus. A person with 3 months experience cannot possibly know what to do if someone opens the back door of the church during the ceremony. A flood of outdoor light can seriously mess up your video. The person shooting the video with the expensive camera doesn’t know where the backlight switch is, or how to use it to make an immediate correction and save the video.

The experienced person will most likely expect someone to open the door during the ceremony and be prepared to make the correction on the spot. The experienced videographer will be prepared for this prior to the start of the wedding.

The extreme high end pro video cameras can cost a fortune and they are set up not to shoot wedding videos, events or even corporate video. They are set up for broadcasting live television or wireless transmission to a satellite etc.. Why would you think that buying a camera like that is going to do you any good when your niche is the consumer market?

In conclusion, when you buy a video camera, you must know first of all what you will be shooting. Secondly, you should read the specifications and compare them. If you find the more expensive camera can shoot under water and you plan to do underwater work, then if would make sense to pay more. I know to many professional videographers that think just because they have expensive cameras, this means their wedding videos will be better, when in fact the videos are less than perfect.

J&J Video Productions is an independent Video Production Company located in Cleveland Ohio. J&J Video Productions specializes in Wedding Videos and covers Parma Ohio and Cuyahoga County Ohio as well as the Cleveland Metropolitan area. For further information please visit our website at http://jandjvideoproductions.com/

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